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Chronic Illness and the Holidays

Ah, the holidays.  They come every year at the same time and yet so many of us dread this time of year. The season is stressful for everyone, testing our pocket book, emotional stability, and the ever impressionable waist-line.  But when you have a chronic illness surviving the holidays can be more than the average… Continue reading Chronic Illness and the Holidays


Hitting the Ceiling

I have sat to compose more than a few times these past few weeks.  Yet, my heart and mind haven't both been on the same page to fill this lot with words.  The emotional roller coaster that mirrors our life is soon to peak, just prior to a flailing crash.  Most of you know my… Continue reading Hitting the Ceiling

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Defying the Death Sentence

Chronic Illness doesn't have to be a death sentence on your life physically or mentally.  Yet, it is true, when we are diagnosed, we go through this grief process of denial, anger, depression, and hopefully, finally coming to a place of acceptance somewhere down the road. Finding true peace and healing within ourselves starts in… Continue reading Defying the Death Sentence

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I want to be Normal

One of the hardest parts of living with a chronic illness is to continue living every day by the world's definition of "Normal."  It may be singly the hardest part, aside from having enough money for doctor's appointments, supplements, medicines, and special food requirements.  You have to go on living even when you are tired… Continue reading I want to be Normal


Couldn’t Resist

I finished my book!! Now it goes to my sweet friend who will edit! I hope it’s ready by Christmas!!

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Fall Garden

Since being diagnosed with I C (Interstitial Cystitis) we have had to make changes as a family in the way that we eat. I always felt like we ate well but now we have to eat even better. There were basically two routes of treatment for me. Option 1. go the experimental clinical medicine dead… Continue reading Fall Garden