Life Matters

I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Right to Life Banquet in Houston this weekend.  It was the 20th Annual Celebration of Life.  This was such an amazing opportunity that not many have the chance to experience. My daughter and I packed a bag and left our humble lives to go rub elbows with… Continue reading Life Matters


Strategy 7

This strategy is on your purity.  We learned more about how the enemy tempts us in our weaknesses.  We are getting close to finishing up this book.  It has been such an enlightening study.  After the first of the year we'll be picking up a new book study! Keep tabs if you are interested on… Continue reading Strategy 7

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open letter to my daughter

My dearest love, I pen this open letter to you for your benefit.  You see, I didn't do it all perfect or even all right. It comes as no surprise that I have made mistakes; you know this better than anyone. I can get short sighted and caught up in my own thunderstorm.   I… Continue reading open letter to my daughter