Just Life

Lost Pen

I seem to have dropped my pen somewhere along the way.  Have you seen it lying around?  I've had plenty on the burner but have lacked the will, the energy, and wherewithal to manage it to the paper.  Today has been a most productive day. It is cool outside and warm inside, cozy, and just… Continue reading Lost Pen


Gluten Free Biscuits

So, I had a hanker 'in for biscuits. That's a terrible feeling when you can't have wheat. Gluten free breads can be kind of tricky- sometimes they are spongy, heavy, and taste like card board.  The quest for good tasty- homemade from scratch comfort food is certainly a noble venture. It's only been a year… Continue reading Gluten Free Biscuits


No-Bake Cookies

There is something about the sweet union of chocolate and peanut butter that makes my mouth water. These no-bake cookies are a family favorite. I think they are also call drop cookies.  My Hunny's Granny used to keep them in stock in her kitchen in her favorite olive green Tupperware canister.  Whenever visiting everyone just… Continue reading No-Bake Cookies


we broke up

It's over.  We're done! I've had it with you loafing around not pulling your own weight.  You sit around stale and offended like.  You were my first love but one of us must go.  I simply cannot take the gut wrenching pain any longer.  I must act - even if you won't change.  I see… Continue reading we broke up