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I want to be Normal

One of the hardest parts of living with a chronic illness is to continue living every day by the world's definition of "Normal."  It may be singly the hardest part, aside from having enough money for doctor's appointments, supplements, medicines, and special food requirements.  You have to go on living even when you are tired… Continue reading I want to be Normal


Confessions of a Chronic Illness Warrior

10. Yes, I'm tired of being sick. 9.  "Are you getting better?" Define better. 8.  I just don't feel good- no, I don't have a reason. 7.  If it requires putting on a bra- it's not happening. 6.  If Netflix knew- they'd charge me double. 5.  My brain wants to- my body refuses to cooperate.… Continue reading Confessions of a Chronic Illness Warrior



I have a new diagnosis to add to my repertoire confounding aches and complaints. Who doesn’t need another classification?   I’m not whining so don’t read me that way at all.  I am consumed with reading info- the good, the bad, and everything in between. I do have to pace myself- information overload has triggered a… Continue reading PTLS

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A day in the life of an I C -er

Each woman is as unique as God created her to be.  Each of us is different in our own way and respond to treatments and supplements differently.  A typical day where I don’t have leave home is generally a pretty good day. I C has changed many aspects of my life- and not all of… Continue reading A day in the life of an I C -er


Shopping Beast

  Who doesn’t love to go shopping now and again?  Granted what I might like to shop for you probably detest.  Hunny and Son are sporting goods kinda guys; loving all manner of things manly to feast on the eyes.  Son, is a bit more versatile, he doesn’t like shopping for clothes and groceries- but… Continue reading Shopping Beast

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Lacking Southern Hospitality

I had read recently on a page devoted to IC treatment and general discussion something that astounded me.  Women with no faith values (Agnostics and Atheists) were fed up with Christians.  They’d had all the “Have faith in God” they could stand.  While I’d be the first to tell you that I believe in each… Continue reading Lacking Southern Hospitality

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Perks of an Introvert

Personality identification was all the rage a while back with the kids.  A Mom can certainly identify her child and tell you what kind of personality he/she has.  The kids weren’t relying on ole Mom for their diagnosis- they wanted an unbiased scientific test to draw their conclusions. If you have no idea what personality… Continue reading Perks of an Introvert

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It’s just a Cold!

Welcome Spring, The pollen deposit has been exponential this year.  The green grass and trees are quite enchanting with varying hues of the green growth.  Spring is everyone’s favorite time of the year- except me. 🙂  I’m a fall gal personally.  Yes, the weather is lovely and a bit bipolar in Texas. And if you… Continue reading It’s just a Cold!