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Higher Ground

Depression is real.  Chronic Illness is real.  Faith in Jesus is real. Joy of my salvation is real.  It is hard to smile and share the joy of Christ when you feel like poo.  Sadly, that is how many of us feel on any given day.  I do have depressed days but do not consider… Continue reading Higher Ground


POST 10 months IC

This post seems fitting as this month is Interstitial Cystitis awareness month.  Most folks have never heard of the disease before. It affects mostly women but isn't limited to ladies. It does seem surreal that it's only been 10 months.  It actually seems a lot longer you know in cat year's kind'a thing. We could… Continue reading POST 10 months IC


Confessions of a Chronic Illness Warrior

10. Yes, I'm tired of being sick. 9.  "Are you getting better?" Define better. 8.  I just don't feel good- no, I don't have a reason. 7.  If it requires putting on a bra- it's not happening. 6.  If Netflix knew- they'd charge me double. 5.  My brain wants to- my body refuses to cooperate.… Continue reading Confessions of a Chronic Illness Warrior

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It’s Not Good Bye…

Why is it so hard to say good bye? Nope, I am not referring to a crying, loving, or leaving country song.  It’s more like a real life reality show without the dramatic music and cliff hanger endings. I've started the process of liberating me from my house. More specifically, it is the collection of… Continue reading It’s Not Good Bye…

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Serving God with Monkeys

My personal monkey likes to pee all the time.  It has a delicate diet and gets cranky when I've been out to long, or if I'm feeling particularly stressed- he does jumping jacks on my bladder.   Nope I don't have an alternative personality- nor am I making fun of that- but I do have… Continue reading Serving God with Monkeys


we broke up

It's over.  We're done! I've had it with you loafing around not pulling your own weight.  You sit around stale and offended like.  You were my first love but one of us must go.  I simply cannot take the gut wrenching pain any longer.  I must act - even if you won't change.  I see… Continue reading we broke up


Shopping Beast

  Who doesn’t love to go shopping now and again?  Granted what I might like to shop for you probably detest.  Hunny and Son are sporting goods kinda guys; loving all manner of things manly to feast on the eyes.  Son, is a bit more versatile, he doesn’t like shopping for clothes and groceries- but… Continue reading Shopping Beast

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Lacking Southern Hospitality

I had read recently on a page devoted to IC treatment and general discussion something that astounded me.  Women with no faith values (Agnostics and Atheists) were fed up with Christians.  They’d had all the “Have faith in God” they could stand.  While I’d be the first to tell you that I believe in each… Continue reading Lacking Southern Hospitality