Calendars, Joy, and Figgie Pudding

What’s the hardest thing to hold onto in our daily life?  It is the most single hardest thing to keep in my hands on any given day.  It is also the biggest hurdle for a chronically ailing person to grasp.   Here we go-- I’ve got those brain juices flowing now.  Oh sorry, here is a… Continue reading Calendars, Joy, and Figgie Pudding

Just Life

10 things I can’t live without!

It goes without saying that I can't live without the Grace of God and my Savior. My Hunny Bun and three kiddo's hang the moon in my world.  Just this once I went outside that box for some frivolous things that I wouldn't wanna live without. 10.  Air conditioning 9.  Essential Oils 8.  My peanuts… Continue reading 10 things I can’t live without!

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The love language of Coffee

Each family has their very own favorite set of quirks.  I don't mean that meanly either.  Quirky parents begat quirky kids.  Who grow up and repeat the process.  Kind of scary right? I learned recently of a family who puts lemon juice in their Dr. Pepper.  I see that eyebrow, raised.  To each his own-… Continue reading The love language of Coffee