Do I know You?

It happened. Wow.  I didn't see it coming.  My BFF and company went to a ladies shindig in our local town.  I expected to see a few I knew and a bunch I didn't know.  It was a pretty unique experience.  However that's not why you have me in literary form today. I saw this… Continue reading Do I know You?

Just Life

Weather Vane

There is a south west wind blowing north east.  It's briskly warm and cool to the arm. Hold your hat as it's blowing softly and I don't want you to miss it. Have you ever felt a sudden shift in the direction of the family winds? No, it's not like your Sweet Heart after a… Continue reading Weather Vane

Faith · personal evaluation

Why do I Write?

Really why do I put myself through this word hula hoop jumping contest?  It's like doing school for fun and I'm not getting a grade or even $$.  So, what the heck is that about? I do wonder why I keep this up some days.  It's not because I desire fame, fortune, or notoriety.  Stop… Continue reading Why do I Write?

Farmlife · Homeschool

Socialization, Really ?!

We took the reins of education back over 11 years ago.  Seeing that in print is still astonishing to me.  I can’t believe we’ve homeschooled that long.  Time flies when you are having fun… so they say. 😀 I am always amazed at the questions or statements we hear everywhere we go.  I don’t consider… Continue reading Socialization, Really ?!