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photo albums

I LOVE 💕 pictures. It's true.  There is no doubt, you can look around my house and see that I love photos.  I'm not crazy about all pictures.  The random snapshot, family photo, messy face, or caught you in the act kinda memories of photo's are the best. It wouldn't do for me to be… Continue reading photo albums

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My Girl Vera

From the heart I share- I hope you read with care. .  .  . Quiet and reserved she sits by the window, collecting her thoughts while basking in the sunlight.  The noises have tapered only to the sound of dogs crunching on dog food, chickens clucking, and the click of the key board. My girl Vera… Continue reading My Girl Vera


Good Friday

It is a good day and not just because it's Friday. Out with my Hunny Bun loving some Texas history. This is what Sadie and Ollie's cabin would'a looked like. This in Crockett, TX. Happy Early Resurrection Day! ✝️ #Jesusfreak #hesalive #amen #upfromthegrave #hearose #longjourneyhome 😀 Lena

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Impromptu Tuesday

And I overdid it. Again. It's hard not to "over do" when you feel good. I was hoping a nights rest would allow recovery from the excessive display of OCD that overcame me yesterday.  I hit the ground running when I got up. I slayed the "To Do" list.  I washed all the laundries! Swept… Continue reading Impromptu Tuesday

Wordless Wednesday

The Burs

Wordless Wednesday

Conquered the Zoo