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..and we begin again.

My little kids loved to draw pictures.  Every now and again the pencil would fling the wrong way.   Immediately upon the disapproval of the stray mark the whole paper was judged unfit to be crumpled and tossed.  Instinctively, even at such a young age they wanted a perfect likeness.  Yet, at their age, experience… Continue reading ..and we begin again.


Intelligent Parrot

Standing softly beside our dynamic men of history or safely behind them were their faithful women.  Women of position and grace to influence others in the mere sayings they said. They were not born anointed or royal but perhaps rose to an occasion of service.  Women before us of grace, poise, and proper etiquette we… Continue reading Intelligent Parrot


Incandescently Happy

Dust off the ole British accent and let’s look at a fascinat’in Jane Austen novel.  Pride and Prejudice is a fantastic fiction written about love, lassies, family, fortune, handsome suitors, and just plain ole drama.  I must cough up a confession and tell you I’ve never read the book.  Not even one time, however I… Continue reading Incandescently Happy