Fervent: Strategy 2

Our Fervent ladies met on Saturday and had a lesson on our focus.  It was insightful and moving for all of us.  Check out the lesson text right here at Strategy 2 – Focus. Keep Cool, Lena

IC · personal evaluation


This is quite a personal post from the heart and yet it is to divine not to share.  Last month on a Sunday, I had the most a most humbling, wondrous day. This day was like no other- a real turning point for me.  I'd been struggling to emerge from beneath this thundercloud stalled over… Continue reading Grace


hamish (hey-mish)

You could count on it every day driving home in the puddle jumper from town; my little kids would ask, “Mom, where are we going?”  And every time I’d answer, “home”, they would commence to grumble and grump under their breath.   So, I applied a new tactic; when they would press for our destination, instead… Continue reading hamish (hey-mish)


Intelligent Parrot

Standing softly beside our dynamic men of history or safely behind them were their faithful women.  Women of position and grace to influence others in the mere sayings they said. They were not born anointed or royal but perhaps rose to an occasion of service.  Women before us of grace, poise, and proper etiquette we… Continue reading Intelligent Parrot